Our product candidates are best-in-class, oral small molecule CXCR4 inhibitors.  CXCR4’s sole ligand is chemokine CXCL-12 and plays a pivotal role in trafficking of immune cells.  Abberant activation of the CXCR4/CXCL12 signaling pathway is significant in disease processes of cancer and certain immunodeficiency diseases.

X4 is developing our CXCR4-targeted product candidates to treat certain rare genetic, primary immunodeficiency diseases and cancer.  Combining the known safety and efficacy of inhibiting CXCR4 and our deep understanding of the emerging biology around CXCR4, our oral small molecule drug candidates are opening new therapeutic opportunities.  We are advancing our clinical programs based on an existing body of evidence that supports the utility of CXCR4 inhibitors in disease treatment including an injectable CXCR4 inhibitor FDA approved for short-term use to mobilize hematopoetic stem cells prior to apheresis.