At X4 our mission is to develop treatments that have a clear and profound impact for patients suffering with rare diseases, including primary immunodeficiencies (such as WHIM syndrome) and cancer. We are developing potential new treatments through a rigorous R&D process for diseases where we believe we can dramatically improve the overall health of patients. Yet, we know that developing innovative, new medicines is highly challenging. So, as a fundamental part of our values, we seek to bring grit to all of our efforts.

Our core values define us and act as guideposts for our thoughts, behaviors and decisions every day. We strive to:

Do all things with rigor.

Hold each other and ourselves accountable for our actions and to live our values.

Work together as a team aligned to achieve our goals and be respectful of each other.

Act with honesty and transparency.

Sense of Urgency
Demonstrate a higher sense of purpose: to alleviate human suffering and cure disease

Move forward with firmness of mind and unyielding courage.


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